The Social Impacts of Native American Casinos

Under federal law, the native Indian tribes of America are considered sovereign nations. They have settled on reservations located within the borders of a state. These tribes have been given more control over their activities for economic development. However, some began operating gaming facilities over a period of time. Such establishments have come under conflict with the local and state laws. 

Several states challenged these operations, but the court cases were decided in their favour. In the year 1988, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed. The tribes could now operate full-scale casino gambling on reservations. This was only possible in the states that allowed gambling activities within their borders.

The rise of casinos owned by native Indian tribes

Observers are stunned by the speed at which the casinos owned by native Indians have developed. The demand for casino-style gaming has been on the rise. In some of the states, non-profit organizations are permitted to have such activities as fundraisers. As a result, the tribes expanded their gaming halls into casinos. This has brought in massive profits for these establishments. 

Payments from the tribes were estimated to be more than $350 million some time ago. Nearly half of the native Indian tribes residing on or near the reservations are engaged in casino-related activities. Many Las Vegas-style casinos have opened up on reservations across the United States. 

This has completely changed the economic atmosphere in and around the reservation areas. Some positive changes have been observed as a result. The most significant among them is a significant increase in adult employment.

The negative effects 

There have been some negative sides to such casinos as well. There has been an increase in violent crimes, auto thefts, and bankruptcy. This was mainly observed in places that were located within 50 miles of a new casino. Questions have also been raised about the distribution of benefits in these casinos. Most of the people employed in them are not native Americans. 

This raises some concerns on the actual percentage of employment among the native American tribes. The problem of gambling among the tribes is also a cause of concern. Indulging in the act of gambling often results in the accumulation of debt. This may lead to bankruptcy if not controlled on time.

Online casinos 

Owing to the recent technological advancements, the casino players among the tribes have an alternative. It has come in the form of online casinos. These casinos allow gambling enthusiasts to play their favourite casino games virtually. There’s absolutely no need to visit the gambling establishments. In this way, they can save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on land-based casinos. 

The ones who are new to online gambling or dealing with gambling problems need not worry anymore. There are certain casino review websites that have great resources on responsible gambling. This would be of great help for those who get into debt while gambling. Players would be guided on how to play the online casinos responsibly. 

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