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Jason G. Williscroft

1416 N Western Ave #3  |  Chicago, IL 60622
tel (773) 750-0338  |  fax (773) 409-5737

Objective: Short-Term Contract Work

I'm pursuing a quant position at one of Chicago's many hedge funds, and am seeking short-term contracts to bridge the gap. If you have a short-horizon requirement that demands any combination of the skills listed below, and if I can start after 1/15/2008, I'm your guy!


  • A strong communicator, teacher, negotiator, and consensus builder. An engaging writer in a variety of formats, with significant editing experience, and a gifted public speaker.
  • Decisive team leadership and project management under either ideal or adverse operating conditions.
  • Design, implementation, and management of high-return on-line marketing campaigns via targeted content development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and quantitative Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign optimization.
  • Use-case driven business analysis, requirements development & documentation, and process architecture using UML (6 yrs), ORM (3 yrs), and extensive knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Design, implementation, and administration of networks using Windows NT 4.0 (1 yr), Windows Server 2000 (6 yrs), and Windows Server 2003 (4 yrs) technologies.
  • Data modeling and relational database design, implementation, and administration, particularly with MS Access (15 yrs) and SQL Server 2000/2005 (7 yrs). Proficiency with T-SQL (7 yrs) includes indices, stored procedures, functions, triggers, virtual tables, transactions, and performance optimization.
  • Computer programming on a wide variety of standalone, client-server, and secure web-based platforms, including MS Windows (17 yrs), MS Office Automation (7 yrs), the .NET Framework (5 yrs), DotNetNuke (2 yrs), FrontPage (9 yrs), SharePoint (3 yrs), Community Server (1 yr), and .Text (3 yrs).
  • Current or past proficiency in C# .NET (5 yrs), VB .NET (5 yrs), ASP .NET (5 yrs), C++ (16 yrs), ANSI C (16 yrs), HTML (9 yrs), CSS (7 yrs), JavaScript (9 yrs), Jscript (9 yrs), VBScript (9 yrs), DHTML (9 yrs), AJAX (2 yrs), Pascal (2 yrs), Lisp (1 yr), Forth (1 yr), BASIC (5 yrs), MatLab/Simulink (17 yrs), Mathematica (4 yrs), and Gauss (3 yrs).
  • Expert with advanced features of MS Access (15 yrs), Excel (22 yrs), Outlook (10 yrs), PowerPoint (20 yrs), and Word (22 yrs); and Adobe Acrobat (4 yrs), Illustrator (4 yrs), Photoshop (4 yrs), and Flash (2 yrs).
  • Design and construction of sophisticated hardware/software systems, integrating custom-built and off-the-shelf components, for data collection & analysis and real-time control under both laboratory and field conditions.
  • Mathematical modeling, simulation, and analysis of both classical and stochastic systems.
  • Administration and enforcement of OSHA & NAVOSH regulations and programs.
  • In excellent health and physical condition, with active interests in mountaineering, SCUBA diving, and similar activities. Able to employ skills effectively even under protracted conditions of extreme sleep deprivation, physical hardship, and mental distress.

Professional Experience

2002 - Present  |  HotQuant, LLC  |  Chicago, Illinois
Independent Consultant

  • Developed & constructed enterprise-level system enabling a large law firm to identify, solicit, and track bankruptcy-services clients based on home-foreclosure data.
  • Designed & implemented functional enhancement of a leading mathematical tool suite.
  • Developed and published influential white paper outlining a national shipping container security system.
  • Conducted research into sensor fusion techniques for the U.S. Navy.

2006 - 2007  |  Profit Rank, Inc.  |  Schaumburg, Illinois
VP Operations

  • Recruited to bring operational discipline, mathematical rigor, and search marketing talent to small Internet Marketing firm.
  • Developed, implemented, and maintained significant, multi-client DotNetNuke installation, requiring sophisticated custom module development.
  • Developed and implemented integrated Internet Marketing methodology comprising Usability Optimization, Sponsored and Organic Search, and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Developed and implemented a quantitative client-evaluation model that produces performance projections largely in line with client-generated scenarios based on inside data.
  • Achieved significant bottom-line results for clients in all service areas.

2006  |  The Service Exchange, LLC  |  Chicago, Illinois
Director of Operations

  • Presentations of concept to prospective investors & employees produced $250 thousand in operating capital and two key hires from Motorola at significantly reduced compensation.
  • Designed a next-generation lead delivery system aimed at providing precise demographic matching between prospective clients and service providers in insurance, finance, real estate, and law.
  • Conceived, implemented, and managed a sophisticated quantitative model to manage and maximize returns on national pay-per-click marketing campaign.
  • Contributed editorial polish to dozens of product descriptions, interviews, and feature articles reaching a broad national audience.
  • Provided operational support in a highly mobile team environment, including network administration, communications management, and physical and data security.

2004 - 2006  |  Nova Navigation, LLC  |  Chicago, Illinois
Chief Engineer

  • Presentations of concept to prospective investors produced $350 thousand in operating capital.
  • Developed a number of novel theoretical approaches to the detection and timing of very weak, periodic signals cloaked in high levels of background noise.
  • Developed and built software & hardware platforms to simulate & test these approaches under both laboratory and field conditions.

2003 - 2006  |  e-Insure Services, Inc.  |  Chicago, Illinois
VP of Operations

  • Negotiated preferred compensation from new and existing partners resulting in growth-tracking overall revenue increases of over 20%.
  • Conceived and implemented a theory of operation that produced an average net growth over three years of 153%.
  • Developed and implemented a sophisticated, web-based lead-generation application on an ASP.NET and .Text platform.
  • Handled all operational aspects of the company, including technology, sales, marketing, business development, and strategic planning.

2000 - 2002  |  Fairygod, Inc.  |  Seattle, Washington
Chief Technology Officer

  • Assembled executive team of nationally prominent professionals. Planned, structured, and positioned family of hedge funds in Washington State.
  • Presentations to prospective business partners and investors produced over $1 million in capital under management.
  • Developed mathematical model for trading equity markets. Designed and implemented automated stock market trading system using C++, Hyperfeed Server, and Microsoft Office Automation.

1999 - 2000  |  Naval Surface Group, Pacific Northwest  |  Everett, Washington
Group Safety Officer & Joint Forces Korea Liaison

  • Primary contact for supply ships comprising Naval Surface Group, Pacific Northwest, in all issues regarding industrial and environmental safety and hazard abatement, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste management. Served roughly a quarter of the U.S. surface fleet.
  • Consulted with Joint Operations Officer, U.S. Forces, Korea, regarding specifications for a command tactical data suite supporting future joint combat operations in the Korean theater.

1998 - 1999  |  USS Sacramento (AOE-1)  |  Bremerton, Washington
Safety Department Head

  • Directly administered nineteen separate programs involving industrial and environmental safety and hazard abatement, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste management for customer base including own crew of 850 as well as nearly thirty other ships routinely serviced by Sacramento.
  • Implemented and completed dramatic reorganization that significantly improved operational efficiency. Reengineering efforts resulted in 50% decrease in safety and hazardous material mishaps, slashed mishap response times, and significantly improved customer satisfaction.

1997 - 1998  |  USS Independence  |  Yokosuka, Japan
Auxiliaries Officer

  • Led team of 85 in maintenance and operation of $250 million in dry cleaning, air conditioning, cryogenic, hydraulic, diesel power generation, and other equipment aboard oldest active commissioned vessel in U.S. Navy.
  • Served as Port Hangar Bay Damage Control Locker Leader. Coordinated overall firefighting effort involving hundreds of fueled aircraft, encompassing nearly a quarter the ship’s total volume.
  • Maintained employee retention rate at half again industry average despite extreme operational requirements under protracted combat conditions.

1995 - 1997  |  USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60)  |  Yokosuka, Japan
Undersea Warfare Officer

  • Led team of 20 in maintenance and operation of $20 million in sonar and torpedo equipment, meeting all organizational goals and training objectives despite significant budget variations.
  • Developed and implemented computer tactical decision aids that significantly improved ship's ability to track and prosecute enemy submarine contacts.

Education & Honors

1998  |  Qualification, Navy Safety Officer  |  Norfolk, Virginia

1997  |  Qualification, Surface Warfare Officer  |  Yokosuka, Japan

1996  |  Qualification, Anti-Submarine Warfare Evaluator  |  San Diego, California

1995  |  United States Naval Academy  |  Annapolis, Maryland
B.S., Systems Engineering (Russian Minor)

  • Studied analog and digital control system design, testing, and implementation.
  • Conducted original research in autonomous robotic systems.
  • Studied Russian history, language, and culture, with particular application to US national security.
  • Represented the Navy on professional high-endurance yacht racing circuit.

1990  |  One of 40 U.S. Marines nominated by Secretary of the Navy to attend U.S. Naval Academy. Also nominated by sitting Speaker of the House Tom Foley and U.S. Senator Slade Gorton.

Professional Memberships


  • French: Native fluency on general topics. Some technical vocabulary.
  • German: Good comprehension, fair ability to communicate verbally.
  • Russian: Can communicate with difficulty.

Security Clearance

Secret, last updated in 2000.


Maybe I'm just having coffee... or maybe I'm solving a 4th-order PDE in my head.