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Jason G. Williscroft
Biographical Sketch

I am a former U.S. Marine and Naval Officer with a degree in Control Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, a great deal of experience in applied engineering and finance, and a talent for getting things done.

For the record, I was born in Westerly, Rhode Island. When people ask me where I'm from, though, I tell them I'm from the U.S. Navy. My dad and I were both Naval Officers, see, and I never really lived in one place long enough to put down roots... at least, not until I arrived in Chicago in 2001 as a civilian.

Some career highlights:

  • Served as an enlisted Marine for three years before receiving an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1991, where I studied engineering and raced sailboats offshore. 
  • Accepted a U.S. Navy commission in 1995, and served with distinction aboard a variety of surface ships and shore stations, mostly in the Far East and the Persian Gulf, until resigning my commission in 2000. 
  • Stood up a successful financial services firm in 2000 to manage a family of hedge funds based on quantitative models I developed while in the Navy.
  • Recruited by Bally Total Fitness following the market collapse of 2001, along with a number of other former military officers, to bring a fresh management style to Bally facilities.
  • Joined online insurance marketplace e-Insure Services in 2003 to develop, implement, and operate a next-generation technology platform. Over three years, my work produced an average overall net growth of 153%.
  • Left e-Insure in 2006 to focus on a number of technology-related projects, including a pulsar-based alternative to GPS and a sophisticated professional lead-generation service.

I'm currently VP Operations at Profit Rank, Inc. Profit Rank is an internet marketing firm that specializes in managing affiliate programs. Actually, my title is a bit of a misnomer... I'm really more of a "special projects officer." In other words, so long as it's business as usual, I make sure all the clients get serviced. When a project comes up that requires an unusual mix of talents, I handle it.

And it's never business as usual at Profit Rank.

Oh, that unusual mix of talents? Here you go, straight off my résumé:

  • A strong communicator, teacher, negotiator, and consensus builder. An engaging writer in a variety of formats, with significant editing experience, and a gifted public speaker.
  • Decisive team leadership and project management under either ideal or adverse operating conditions.
  • Design, implementation, and management of high-return on-line marketing campaigns via targeted content development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and quantitative Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign optimization.
  • Use-case driven business analysis, requirements development & documentation, and process architecture using UML (7 yrs), ORM (4 yrs), and extensive knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Design, implementation, and administration of networks using Windows NT 4.0 (1 yr), Windows Server 2000 (6 yrs), and Windows Server 2003 (4 yrs) technologies.
  • Data modeling and relational database design, implementation, and administration, particularly with MS Access (15 yrs) and SQL Server 2000/2005 (7 yrs). Proficiency with T-SQL (7 yrs) includes indices, stored procedures, functions, triggers, virtual tables, transactions, and performance optimization.
  • Computer programming on a wide variety of standalone, client-server, and secure web-based platforms, including MS Windows (17 yrs), MS Office Automation (7 yrs), the .NET Framework (5 yrs), FrontPage (9 yrs), SharePoint (3 yrs), Community Server (1 yr), .Text (3 yrs), and DotNetNuke (2 yrs).
  • Current or past proficiency in C# .NET (5 yrs), VB .NET (5 yrs), ASP .NET (5 yrs), C (16 yrs), ANSI C (16 yrs), HTML (9 yrs), CSS (7 yrs), JavaScript (9 yrs), Jscript (9 yrs), VBScript (9 yrs), DHTML (9 yrs), AJAX (2 yrs), Pascal (2 yrs), Lisp (1 yr), Forth (1 yr), BASIC (5 yrs), MatLab/Simulink (17 yrs), Mathematica (4 yrs), and Gauss (3 yrs).
  • Expert with advanced features of MS Access (15 yrs), Excel (22 yrs), Outlook (10 yrs), PowerPoint (20 yrs), and Word (22 yrs); and Adobe Acrobat (4 yrs), Illustrator (4 yrs), and Photoshop (4 yrs).
  • Design and construction of sophisticated hardware/software systems, integrating custom-built and off-the-shelf components, for data collection & analysis and real-time control under both laboratory and field conditions.
  • Mathematical modeling, simulation, and analysis of both classical and stochastic systems.
  • Administration and enforcement of OSHA & NAVOSH regulations and programs.
  • In excellent health and physical condition, with active interests in mountaineering, SCUBA diving, and similar activities. Able to employ skills effectively even under protracted conditions of extreme sleep deprivation, physical hardship, and mental distress.

Exhausting, neh? Try living it.

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Jason Williscroft